The Triangle A&M Club Listserv is an e-mail mailing list that anyone can join. The list is used to notify members of upcoming club events or just informal get togethers. Any message sent to the list alias is distributed to all other subscribers to the list. Any subscriber can send a note to every other subscriber to the list just by sending their e-mail to

To protect the list and your e-mail address from SPAM, only list subscribers can send messages to the list and only the list owner can obtain the list of e-mail addresses subscribed.

Joining the List

Joining the list is simple. Just send an e-mail to

No subject line is needed. In the body of the e-mail, put a single line formatted like this:

SUBSCRIBE TRIAMC emailaddress firstname lastname


What you put in for the [firstname lastname] is pretty flexible but is limited to 20 characters. A few minutes after sending the e-mail, you will receive an e-mail from asking you to confirm you want to join the list. Just follow the instructions in the e-mail – reply with “OK” in the body. You will then be sent a confirmation that you have been added to the list along with some information on posting to the list.

After that, you can send a message to all list members by sending your e-mail to All subscribers to the list will get the e-mail. Any replies to your e-mail will come to you. They will not go back to the entire list.

Leaving the List

If you wish to leave the list, send an e-mail to from the same address you subscribed from. In the body of the e-mail, put the following line:

Signoff TRIAMC

You will get a confirmation that you have been removed from the list and will receive no further messages sent to the list.

If you have any problems with getting on or off the list or just have questions, please contact the list owner, Chris Glenn, at